Grand Opening 17.11.2023!

Welcome to MuReign Online - This is brand new project with clear vision to deliver the best gaming experience

Our goal was to make gaming enviroment,where everything can be achieved by the player not by Webshop, to do so we did the following

-Custom Jewels (Excelent,Luck,Skill,Option,Ancient,Socket,Level) Which allows you to build your own items

-Custom Chaos Machine combinations for LVL 2,5, 4, 5 Wings, which allows you to make your own custom wings

-Progresive Custom item sets/wepons with socket systems, which makes diversity of options for your class sets/wepons (All of these, can be combined in Chaos Machine)

-All the necessary materials for these builds are included in event/monster drops

The next step for us was to build environment, where the game just dont end up as AFK/RESET/REPEAT so we did the following

-Custom Events with great rewards,which will make you not want to miss them!

-New maps added for you to explore,with modified item drops, to keep you exploring

-Custom PvP Events/Duel Bets for WCoins to make it more engaging

New features were added in client such as

-Jewel Bank

-Item Auction

-Improved OPTION menu, which allows you to apply changes realtime

-ingame rankings for Top Players

-Item Trade window, which allows you to see items that are being sold by the players

-Improved Minimap

-Custom Party Seach

-Custom Item Search (allows to see all items being sold ingame)

Now to the General information

-Server EXP:120% | After each Grand Reset, monsters get stronger and makes your leveling journey more difficult

-Server DROP:30% | With modified Jewel/Zen Drop

-Monster Spots in all maps | Monster spots in all maps with diversity of mob amounts,secret spots, and new maps with new monsters!

-NPC shops only sells the essentials | Keeps the game challenging

-Off Trade System

-Off Level System

-Auto Reconnect System

-Improved Master Skill Tree

-And more

MuReign - WHY US?

-Premium server files - Enjoy quality gaming!

-Unique server configurations - Keeps you entertained!

-Monthly game updates with new features!

-Responsible administration. Your input is important to us!

21 10 / 2023
Currently this is only one server.